My Products

These are the milestone of my life. I developed or Checked Quality assurance for these product.
I did these products for

1. General Hospital Vavuniya - Web Site
2. Dr.Sivamohans Website
3. Mangos Restaurant Jaffna

I Checked Quality assurance for these product when I worked at Sathiam(Pvt)Ltd

1. Couriersoft Application - BDL,KT33ST, London, UK 

During my HND I developed these products.

1. E-Planner (Online Event Management Application)
2. Student Management System - Using Java
3. Supermarket Management - Using C#
4. Banking System - Using .Net
5. Website for IIS office Automation - Using php


Reference a form from subform in

Create a well designed OOP project in Java(Using Netbeans)